Friday, February 27, 2009

Who Needs a Bed - Part the Second

Well nap times have gotten better, but yesterday after an hour plus of going in Amelia's room to tell her to stay in bed, she finally quieted down. When I went in to check on her this is where I found her.

Yes she is sleeping like an angel (whatever that means) underneath Charlotte's crib with her beloved (naked) Raggedy Ann. Well I am grateful she had a nap!

Sunday, February 22, 2009

I Never Thought

I never thought I would be sad to leave New Bern. "Leave New Bern?" you may ask. Yes, next weekend we are moving down to Beaufort to live with Erik's mom. Figuring we could sell our house easier if we weren't living in it, we decided to go ahead and move and then take the next month to get get our house in order before putting it on the market. The plan has always been to move down that way, and doing this will allow us to make the move sooner than later and also to get rid of some of that pesky student loan debt.

We moved to New Bern in August 2004 and I was underwhelmed from the beginning. Erik and I joked that no matter what we would never be "from New Bern." Well four and a half years and two children later, we are definitely New Bernites. We've made many friends and lived some of the most memorable years of our life here. Not to mention we are leaving just as we get a Dunkin' Donuts and Little CaesarsPizza right down the street. What is that about?! I'm sure we will return here quite often, and not just because most of the stake meeting are held here - there is the Target also.

We're excited for the next adventure in our life and to able to be closer to Erik's family. And to answer the question I get asked most often, yes Erik's mom and I do get along well enough for this to work:) Hopefully we'll all still like eachother when this adventure is over!

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Who Needs a Bed . . .

When there is a perfectly good changing table to sleep on. A week and a half ago we set up Amelia's new "big girl" bed. So far night times haven't been a problem, but nap times aren't working out so well. To be fair, they weren't working out so well when she was still in the crib. I still put Amelia in her room for a nap, and while she stays in her room, she doesn't stay in her bed. Often she doesn't fall asleep at all (which I wouldn't mind too much if she wasn't completely beastful once 5 o'clock comes) and instead plays in her room for an hour and a half or two. The room is always in some state of disarray when I get her from her room. Today I noticed that after about a little over an hour, it was quiet in Amelia's room. I went in to check on her and found her asleep on her changing table. What a monkey!

Those bronze looking metal bars are the bed rails Erik's sister Allison used when she was a girl. They often wind up on the floor during nap time. I took them off for a bit, but Amelia fell out of bed last night, so Erik put them back up. Also it may look like it is really light in Amelia's room, but actually the room is quite dark - the light was from the camera's flash.

On another note, I'm sure if someone asked you what color your child or childrens' eyes were (presuming you have a child or children) I'm guessing you would be able to answer that question. Not me. Amelia's eyes still seem to be changing colors, and I'm wondering if they will ever settle into one color. They are not quite green and not quite brown. Charlotte's eyes, on the other hand, are 7/8 baby gray, and 1/8 brown. Go ahead and click on the picture and see. It's crazy!