Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Theories and Practices

So it’s the end of January. 31 days ago millions of people made New Year’s resolutions and in the last 31 days millions of people have broken, forgotten, or given up on those resolutions. Personally, I don’t make resolutions. Making declarative statements is pretty much a guarantee that it won’t happen for me or, more accurately, that I won’t do it. I am currently *thinking* about growing my hair out. Within 48 hours of saying, “I’m growing out my hair,” I will decide that I absolutely can’t stand my hair any longer and must get a haircut RIGHT NOW!

In the new year I do start doing some evaluating, trying to figure out if this is the year I will be able to be stronger, be better, to make life changes. See there is what I want in theory and what I do in practice.

In theory I want to have smaller bosoms more than I want a brownie/cookie/DQ Blizzard/etc. In practice I often eat four or five of something yummy without a second thought. (I have not pursued surgical means to smaller bosoms because they work well to produce nourishment for my children saving my family quite a bit of money while keeping my sleep quite interrupted for the first year of my childrens’ lives. To this end I know that the only way to get smaller bosoms is to lose weight all over my body which entails not eating desert after every meal including breakfast.)

In theory I would love to have less debt. In practice I enjoy pretty things – pretty things for me, for my children, for my house, and so on. Just walking into a store lifts my spirits.

In theory I’m desperate for more sleep. In practice I stay up way too late enjoying the first time all day that no one wants something from me.

In theory I want to post on this blog more often. In practice I am lucky to have the where with all to shower, keep the clothes laundered, and everyone fed on a daily basis.

So no resolutions here, but I am trying everyday to make at least one change for the better. Not one big change, but one decision that gets me a little bit closer to having what I do in practice to match what I want in theory.