Saturday, May 30, 2009

Goals Schmoals (OR This is for you Catherine) AND Mean/Medium/Mode

A few days ago I was talking on the phone with my sister and as we were hanging up she said, "Post on your blog." For the past three weeks or so, each Sunday I set a goal to post on my blog that week. Quite obviously this has not happened. Perhaps at this point you are wondering if all my blog posts are going to be devoted to my lack of posting. Well, its possible. I'm not making any promises at this point. I would like to remind everyone that Erik started this blog without first consulting with me, so I made no inherent promises at the onset of this blog. Maybe everyone should email Erik. Email Title: Post on your blog. Email Message: That is all.

I would now like to change the title of this post to Mean/Medium/Mode. All of these are a way of measuring an average. When we listed our house on the market, our agent told us that the average market time is six months. We listed our house the Monday after Easter. Not quite four weeks later (Mothers' Day weekend) we received and offer on our home. After some back and forth, we now have a contract with a closing date set for on or before July 2nd. The inspection went well and now we are hoping that the buyers loan process goes well so that we can get this wrapped up. I can officially say that all those hours of HGTV I watched were not for nothing.

In other news Charlotte has officially started crawling, sitting up from the crawling position, and pulling herself up in her crib. What the heck? My little almost seven month old (on Tuesday) is growing up so fast! This is how I found her after one of her naps today.