Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Our House, On the Corner of Our Street

Here is a little advice. Never buy a house that has to be completely painted from floor to ceiling and needing various other home improvements, when you are in your first trimester. Or really, if you are pregnant at all. You know those shows you watch on Saturdays that are about people who buy fixer-uppers hoping to rehaul and "flip" them? I watch those shows and I see all the mistakes people make, thinking they are going to get X amount done in X amount of time. I always thing of how foolish those people are.

Now I know better. While we are not attempting to flip our house, we did intend on making many improvments before we moved into the house. We went into closing thinking we could get everything done in six weeks. Yeah, right. Combine a sick and tired pregnant woman, a guy already putting 40 hours a week into his day job, 2 rambunctious children needing constant entertaining, and a house older than half of my siblings and delays happen. I had such high hopes of moving into a house where all the projects were finished and we just got to enjoy living there - gone! The plan is to move in this weekend. While the driving back and forth between houses (a 20+ minute drive) and living off of fast food life will hopefully be over, I think we'll just be trading one form of chaos for another. Well we've got about five months until the newest Lewis joins our family, so that is our new goal. Wish us luck!