Wednesday, October 8, 2008


Over the past week there have been some small, if not noteworthy, highs for the Lewis family. Last Tuesday Erik and I went over to the library. I needed some more fiction and Erik needed a couple books about leadership for this Executive Leadership Program he is a part of. As we were checking out, Erik noticed a jar of candy corn and pumpkins behind the librarian. When he inquired about it he was told there was a "Guess How Many" contest going on and that it was the last day of the contest. He decided to enter and I declined because I do not care for candy corn in the least bit. He studied the jar intently and then wrote down his guess. On the way out he told me he had guessed there were 365 pieces. I gave him an "okay, great" smile and a nod and promptly forgot about it.

Well obviously he won or else I wouldn't be telling this story. Wednesday afternoon the phone rings and the caller asks for Erik, to which I replied he was at work. The caller identified herself as a librarian from the Craven County Public Library, and told me that Erik had been the closest guesser, and he could come down and get the candy and prizes. Erik had guessed 365 pieces and there were 366 pieces. That evening Erik went down and picked up the candy, two certificates for a library movie rentals (a $2 value) and a certificate for 2 paperback or 1 hardback book at the Friends of the Library Book sale (the value to be determined later).

The Candy Jar

Erik and His Prizes

The second score came earlier that same Wednesday. I had taken a trip to Target and was moseying down the isles when I saw that the shower curtain I'd been eying for months, which was previously $26.99 was on clearance for $6.74! It totally works so well in our oh so neutral bathroom.

And last but not least, I had about ten minutes to kill before my OB appointment yesterday so I decided to stop in our local Goodwill. I saw a Sit'n'Spin for sale for $2.99. I knew I had minimal cash on me, and I never carry the checkbook, but I broke out the calculator on my cell phone and figured out the total would be $3.19 (price x 1.0675). I decided to raid the coins in the ash tray of the car and add it to the $1 bill and coins in my wallet. No joke, between what was in my wallet and the coins in the car, I had $3.19 down to the penny. When Erik got home he decided to see if the sound worked if he put some batteries in it. Much to Amelia's delight, and my undelight, it did work. Why do they have to ruin a perfectly good toy by putting lights and music on it?

The Sit'n'Spin

Amelia showing various ways it can (safely and not so safely) be played with.

So that's it. Sometimes it is the little things that bring a smile to my face.

6 Validations:

melissa said...

Dude! You totally scored! For some reason that brings a smile to my face, too. How fun to live vicariously through you.

Kimberly said...

I LOVE candy corn! And cheap shower curtains. And not sit n spins. Those things are loud and fight starters. I'm so excited for all of your wonderful finds. Really. I AM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Catherine said...

Hurray!!! Of course I've heard some of these stories, but pictures to go with them is more aces. I used to not love candy corn, but now I LOVE it!!! I miss ya'll.

Missy and Jake said...

Geeeze you did have a good week-and what good taste you have-I have the same shower curtain-I paid the full price it kills me that you got it for so much cheaper! I'm excited for your shower tonight...see you then.

Andrea said...

Sounds like you had a great week! You must have been wearing ribbons in your hair for you to score so good. ha ha

Anonymous said...

I suck at guess candy in a jar!! I am soooo impressed that Eric got so close to the actual number:)
Score on the shower curtain and the sit and spin- this must be your lucky week!!

So I have a question...what application did you add so you under every blog you go to it tells you the last time they updated- I WANT THAT!