Thursday, November 13, 2008

The Blessing Day

Last Sunday we had the whole crew come and we blessed our sweet new daughter. My brother Eric is leaving on a mission (Georgia Macon) on the 19th and we wanted to have him be able to participate. I caught some flack for being at church the Sunday after giving birth, but next week is our Stake Conference, and Eric is speaking in church, so it had to be last weekend. Here are a few pictures from the day. Erik gave a beautiful blessing and it is always nice to have our family all together.

Sweet Baby Girl

The Participants

The Four of Us

Our Family

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Mary said...

In the picture of "the participants," Mark's face makes me laugh. Also, my face is cut off in the family picture. I don't approve of that. My hair looked awesome that day. Otherwise, lovely pictures. I'm glad we could all be together for Charlotte's blessing. She is adorable.

Kimberly said...

Such a wonderful day! And really, it's kind of the best time to bless a baby - they don't wake up for anything! Still, take it easy for the next little while. You are very amazing for having more babies!

Heidi said...

you look great elizabeth! I still can't get over looking at picts of your brothers. They are still little boys aren't they....nope cause i'm not a spring chicken anymore either.

Anonymous said...

3 things
1.I LOVE your girls names!!! too cute!

2. you look hot

3. charlotte looks hot!!!

Jason and Kimberly Bingham said...

So wonderful! Congrats to you guys. Welcome to Earth Charlotte Lewis!

Jason and I can't wait to hang out again. We'll be back in that area in March.

You're in our prayers.

The Larsen Family said...

What a beautiful baby. Hey send me your email address so that I can add your family to our blog. My email is

Brooke Larsen

lov said...

she is too precious!

Haven said...

You look so great! Congrats on the baby! I'm glad things seem to be going well. Take care of yourself!