Friday, July 10, 2009

The Odyssey Begins

Well, after a few weeks of searching and many more months of pondering prior to that, we took the plunge. We are now mini-van people. We also have to give high praise to Carmax. They made the whole process so easy without all the back and forth haggle we had experienced at other dealerships. I'm sure we'll have more to say later, but I wanted to get a picture up for all those who haven't seen us already sporting around town. (Oh and Elizabeth, that's two back-to-back posts in-case you weren't counting)

2 Validations:

Catherine said...

Great job, Erik! I love your new van...its the coolest ever!!! Sorry we missed you when you were in town.

Jason and Kimberly Bingham said...

Yeees! Welcome to the smooth-sailing, easy loading, awesome automatic door club! So worth the switch, I think. Although, Jason and I both tried hard to avoid getting a minivan; there's just no beating the convenience (not to mention side curtain air bags).