Thursday, September 17, 2009

If . . .

If you were my sister, you would have surprised me with a visit this weekend and then watched my kiddos the next morning so I could sleep in.

If you were my sister you would be awesome!

If you were my daughter Charlotte, between bug bites and taking falls, you would look completely abused.

If you were my daughter Charlotte it would absolutely kill you if I walked by you without picking you up.

If you were my daughter Amelia, when you saw people kissing on TV, you would come up to me and say, "Give me a kiss."

If you were my daughter Amelia then as much as I love you, I would wish that almost everything you did didn't drive me crazy.

If you were my husband you would not appreciate how much ebaying I've done the last week.

If you were my husband and you became very upset about my ebaying I would promise to make it up to you (wink, wink)!

If you were me then you would have inexplicably, finally, joined facebook.

If you were me you would not have taken a shower today.

If you were me your main accomplishments this week would be cutting your daughters finger nails, doing a gabillion loads of never ending laundry, and titling all the shows on your DVD-R.

2 Validations:

Catherine said...

New post...hurray! I love that Amelia does that. How come I never saw that? Poor Charlotte, yes, she has war wounds from living in the wetlands!

Facebook - ahhhhhhh!

PS: Your sister sounds totally awesome!

pcerik said...

This is my favorite blog post...