Friday, April 30, 2010


It was warm enough today to get the sprinkler out and have some fun. Amelia loves to play in the sprinkle (her version of sprinkler), and although Charlotte was hesitant at first, it didn't take long for her to get in on the action.

Relaxing after all the fun in the sun. I'm appreciating all the hot but not sweltering days while they are here.

4 Validations:

Sally said...

HURRAY! HURRAY! HURRAY! They look SOOOOOOO cute in their matching bathing suits. I guess you took them back with you, huh? I love the sprinkle!

PS, this is Catherine on Mom's computer

Girl Anachronism said...

That is so cute... I remember the fun of running in the sprinkler when I was a little girl. They look so happy.

Dianna said...

Your girls are so dang adorable. Last time we saw ya'll Charlotte was a baby!!! We are seriously the worst friends ever. We miss you guys.

mary said...

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