Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Customer Care Center

After starting this blog I haven't done any of the postings. Elizabeth has done extremely well in keeping the posts coming, and I've enjoyed keeping up with everyone else and their postings. I have particularly enjoyed keeping up with a certain posting contest (Go Mary!). Well, we've added a new feature to our blog. For those who do a lot of business online they will appreciate the ability to contact our customer care center. They will do their best in responding in a timely manner. They do not accept any emails that are forwards, or have been forwards at one time but have had the "FW" removed from the subject line. The management at our Customer Care Center will block those email addresses of those who send forwards. Actually, its just an email address that we've created just for this blog. Feel free to drop us a line anytime as long as its not a forward, Elizabeth will block your address! We're not kidding.

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