Monday, June 16, 2008

Endless Summer

While the technical beginning of summer has yet to come, the weather would suggest otherwise. In efforts to keep our darling daughter entertained we have pulled out all the stops.

First we got the slide.


One day we were having a family sicky sicky day so Daddy got out a little tent to play in.


Occasionally we blow some bubbles.

Then, when it got really hot, I decided we needed to cool off in style.


Splish Splash

All these fun things to do and yet the days still seem to drag on. It would be nice if new toys actually entertained Amelia for longer than one day. Gratefully the 100+ degree temperatures have taken a break for awhile. Hopefully we'll make it through the long hot summer!

5 Validations:

Leah said...

i do believe our ideas of fun with the kiddies is 100% in sync. ;)

amelia is such a doll!

Strommer Family said...

Is it that hot there already?? Man it's been a long time since I've been in NC!! In case again you don't recognize the name this is Dan Erwin's sister!! ;)

Bryan & Catherine Ratledge said...

How much fun does that pool look? Can't wait to swim in it this summer. Amelia is such a doll!

Allison said...

Such a sweetie! I bet she has fun in the sun!
- Lolly

Courtney said...

Amelia looks like she's having such a good time! What a cutie!