Sunday, June 29, 2008

Rainy Day

What's more fun that a rainy day? Not much to Amelia. We were at the pediatrician for her 18 month well check when I heard the rumbling of thunder. It was pouring when we got out, but I knew we would just have to go for it because I couldn't exactly leave her on the sidewalk and expect her to be there when I drove the car up. Amelia was in heaven as we walked in the rain to the car. She started crying when I put her in the car so I told her we could play in the rain when we got home. Well I was true to my word and as you can tell she loved every minute of it.

A little video.

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Heidi said...

How fun! Rain is awesome!

BTW Congrats on the sister coming to the fam. I love that pic of you and Catherine. You guys aRE so cute!!