Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Better Late Than Never - Happy Independence Day!

I've been reading everyones 4th of July post and I thought I'd share how our Independence Day went. Erik woke up with Amelia, so I got to have a nice lie in. After waking up and eating breakfast, I decided to wash the towels and bathing suits from our pool adventure the day before. I started the washer, added detergent, bent down to grab a handful of laundry, dropped it in the washer, then bent down again to get another handful. As I stood up the muscles in my lower back seized up and I cried out and fell to the ground. Erik came running and helped me to our bed. I couldn't lay flat on my back, and every position seemed to hurt in someway. I was in agony.

I pretty much spent the rest of the day laying down. I've never missed having cable TV so much as I was bored beyond belief. My parents and brother Alex came in the afternoon, and it turned out to be fortuitous to have some extra hands to help with Amelia and around the house. We enjoyed some steaks, corn on the cob, salad, and watermelon for dinner. I don't know about you all, but we've had some delicious watermelon this year. It was a beautiful evening here and Dad and Alex went to enjoy the fireworks at Union Point Park (they shoot them out over the Neuse River) while Amelia slept and Erik, Mom, and I watched Duel on ABC. Not the most exciting day ever but Happy Independence Day one and all nevertheless!

3 Validations:

Heidi said...

Sorry to hear about your back! I hope that it is better or getting that way.

Robbins said...

Hello from out west. I have just gotten into the blogging today...I know a little late. But it is so good to see your blog. I love it! Your family is beautiful. I hope all is well.
Love your cuz,
Billi Lynn

Anonymous said...

Hey- sorry to hear about your back?? You should get a massage and go see a chiropractor!! Especially since your preggers it may only get more uncomfortable:(

So thanks for the update about Amelia dropping during labor!!!! I didn't love the 12 hours part BUT it was helpful to hear that some babies do drop during labor:) I will let you know how it goes...