Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Cinco de Uso

Five Years Ago

On Friday Erik and I celebrated our five year anniversary. Coincidentally we were married on a Friday - although I'm not sure how coincidental that is; maybe it works out that way for everyone. We shipped Amelia off to my parents for the long weekend. After Amelia was born people would ask me, "Do you even remember what you did before you had a baby?" Well, yes I remember that part. I would do whatever I wanted for hours at a time. I don't, however, remember what Erik and I used to do together before we had a child. I guess we used to watch a lot of TV and go grocery shopping together.

We started the day by sleeping in and then heading to The Baker's Square for a delicious breakfast. Their butter syrup is to die for. Here is a picture of us fat and happy after breakfast.

After breakfast we went home and proceeded to have a wonderfully lazy day, not doing much at all, and just enjoying spending time together. It was lovely. For dinner we decided to give the Harvey Mansion a whirl. The Harvey Mansion was converted from a home into a restaurant, so we were actually eating in what used to be the drawing room. Erik had the Chesapeake Chicken and I enjoyed the Fillet Mingon. It was pretty good. For the first hour we were the only people there. It was cool and weird at the same time. Here is us after dinner. The picture isn't that great, but that's what you get when you depend on the kindness of strangers.

The rest of the weekend was great. We definitely missed Amelia, but it is amazing how many things we accomplished on our "To Do" list with out the demands and counter productiveness a toddler provides. It was great to have a nice lazy long weekend especially because we've got about 2 months before baby girl #2 joins us and life gets super crazy again!

4 Validations:

Nessa and Jeebs said...

ya know- our wedding dresses are really similar. weird. Happy Anniversary!! have we decided on meeting yet?

Catherine said...

Happy (late) anniversary! Sounds like a fun day. I love just doing nothing on our anniversary and remembering why we got married and why we love each other.

Nessa and Jeebs said...

AMEN! that face on her Sunday said it all :) LOL ok then I'll just not worry about it.

Anonymous said...

where have the 5 years gone?? Can you believe in those 5 years we have 2.5 kids between the two of us?
I love the pics- you look great! The pregnancy suits you:)