Saturday, August 23, 2008

Les Miserables

Perhaps you know the song, "Head, Shoulders, Knees, and Toes." That is fun. The illness "Hand, Foot, and Mouth Disease" is not fun. Amelia came down with HFAM Disease starting on Monday afternoon beginning with a slight fever. Tuesday morning there were tiny bumps on her legs and torso, and by Tuesday evening the mouth sores had appeared. Amelia was miserable and Erik and I were suffering also. There was little sleep for us the next two nights because we are lucky enough to have a child who sleep LESS when she is sick. What is that about?

The biggest problem were the sores in Amelia's mouth. She was in pain every time she tried to eat anything and this is a child who loves to eat. So she was cranky from being tired, cranky from being in pain, and cranky from being hungry. Did I mention that all four of her eye teeth are coming in too? It has been a rough week for Amelia and a rough week for Erik and I. Things are better now, but not totally better. She is sleeping more, but she has gotten used to being rocked to sleep which I am not thrilled about. Plus the terrible twos seemed to have started at 20 months. I need a vacation.

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Missy and Jake said...

Geeeze-I am so glad that I'm not in town right now-it looks like we missed nursary just the right weeks! Hopefully it will all be cleared up before we get home. Sorry about the no sleep-sick kids are the worst(even worse when your tired from being prego)

theweippertfamily said...

Thanks for visiting our site! I am so exicited about being baptized. My last meeting with the Elders is tonight, and I've got my interview tonight also. I let Richard know you found us..He said Hello and it was great hearing from you. We added you guys to our blog "stalking" list haha so you can add us too if you would like.