Friday, June 5, 2009

It's going to be like Christmas . . .

As I've been packing the remaining items at our house in New Bern, I realize that in twoish years when it comes time to open these boxes, it's going to be like Christmas seeing all my, um sorry Erik, our stuff again. Mostly this applies to the kitchen and bathroom stuff because all of our bedroom stuff is already with us in Beaufort. I also wonder if it is worth keep the electric skillet that I use maybe once a year. I'm trying to convince Erik to get rid of the George Foreman Grill, but he has some sort of unnatural attachment to that thing so off it goes into storage. Perhaps if I get rid of the skillet he'll let the Foreman go. We'll see.

Perhaps someday when we finally organize all the stuff that we've brought to Beaufort it will be like a wonderful Christmas present not to live in the disorganized chaos anymore. Keeping up with two children day in and day out leaves me with little desire to clean and organize when, and if, the opportunity arises. Oh well, I guess I should go and try to get some more stuff packed.

2 Validations:

Sally Dee said...

I had that same feeling of "Christmas" just a few months ago when I went into the garage and found a box that was packed from when we moved from the apartment. The long lost remote control for the TV in our bedroom was there. It was awesome. Keep the electrice skillet and the George Foreman grill. I sure wish that I had mine.

Catherine said...

#1 I will be glad to take your electric skillet. I'll give it back when you find yourself needing it again.

#2 I would be so happy to help organize (and maybe clean) your stuff.