Monday, May 10, 2010

Like Dust in the Wind

Last Sunday I wanted somthing sweet. Big surprise, right? I decided to make some cookies - some No-Bake cookies. Now I used to make awesome No-Bake cookies. They were pretty and shiny and moist. Now my cookies are dry and flaky. I found a recipe that assured me my No-Bake cookies would be restored to their previous awesomeness. That was not the case. As I was stirring in the oatmeal, the mixture became dryer and dryer. Eventually I was left with this, not even suitable to try to shape into cookies. All wasn't lost as Erik is using it as an ice cream topping. Perhaps my problem is in trying to halve the recipe. Maybe I'll use fewer oats next time. If there is a next time.

3 Validations:

Catherine said...

That's the saddest thing I've ever heard! It does sound like a yummy ice cream topper, though. Maybe I should send you my recipe. Also, why half it? The more, the better!!!

Nessa and Jeebs said...

I agree with Catherine- why half it? That is really annoying- and then sometimes they go the other way- you have to eat them with a spoon.

Mary said...

I've had that happen with no-bake cookies before, too, but {I don't know if your recipe works the same way -- I cook mine on the stovetop until they're hot and then lay them out on a cookie sheet} I think I let them cook too long, and then I took too long to lay them out. But why not just add more of whatever liquid you have in your recipe, to make it more moist? I mean, granted, my baking skills are among the worst, but it makes sense to me. Good luck!