Thursday, August 14, 2008

The Neighborhood Pool

My parents' neighborhood pool is awesome. It has a kiddie area with mushrooms that rain and buckets that fill up and dump water. If that doesn't take the cake there is also a sweet water slide. Needless to say we enjoy enjoying the pool when we visit my family.

As noted before we were up in Raleigh (Morrisville) last weekend and we went to the pool twice. Amelia could not get enough of the water slide so Mommy, Grammy, Aunt Catherine, Uncle Mark, and Uncle Daniel all took turns taking her down. As soon as she was off the slide she would start saying, "Again! Again!" Another reason for Amelia to love the pool is all the planes that kept flying over as they made there way to the RDU airport. And a day at the pool is never complete without snacks. Yummy!

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